Monday, March 21, 2005

why do we blog?

In my five years stay in Canada, friendships were made and acquaintances were met; lasting connections were made out of those. Time being a silly thing, after the good and bad, we are now separated by an ocean and almost an entire continent.

Due to the constraints put by the current state of technology (i.e. the absence of a teleportation device) I can’t be there with you as often as I would like to be. so… For the time being, that is till that divine day of my first post migration visit, I give you all a portal in to my expiriences through my blogs, which are going to be made up of writings, photos, cartoons and last but not least music, Plus occasional silence.

It can’t get any more personal than this, if you wanted more personal communication then you should have married me to keep me in your country, even the boys don’t have an excuse for this, after we all know what Canada offers in the marriage department.

So, let the new breed of communications commence. keep up to date, pass the word and most of all get involved.

bloggingly yours

because we can!


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