Friday, April 22, 2005

would you like fries with your blog?

Something that got my attention in the news recently is MacDonald’s proposal to the hip hop community to mention their tasty recycled Chinese news paper sandwiches in their lyrics. Their lousy excuse - they want tap in to the urban community. wooohhhaa…that’s the most absurd music idea since a mole dug a hole in Bono’s soul. True Cadillac, Bentley Benz and all the fancy shmancy glitteratis have managed to sneak in to the urban culture with out even breaking a sweat, thanks to the bling bling era. True it’s better than eating the unflavored news paper but what more do they need? They might as well forcefully cram their products in to the already corpulent suburb kids. for the love of all good and beautiful some one tell me the meaning of all this.

Of course, this is not the beginning of the commercialization of hiphop. even from the birth, MCs have ranted how good they look in their adidas and how awsome their sound system is. it is all part of it, hip hop is not just a genre of music, it’s an expression of life style and life style can not be expressed with out mentioning what bonds that specific society, our materialistic society . Doug Pray does a better job laying down this history in his hiphopmentary scratch. Over the years tho, this commercialization has gone way too far; rather than the society they represent, it’s become a showoff of individual prosperity. a very warm welcome to the bling bling era. For this reason, fans turned their faces from the hip hop scene and the critics started devouring what’s left over. Finally they proclaimed hip hop is dead. I never saw any coffin marked hip hop, didn’t hear Rev. Jessie Jackson read hip hop’s obituary and never came across an official death certificates. The only fact is, hip hop’s heritage has been over shadowed with the already burnet out new trash. Under the ash, there still exists hot acts of hip hop enuf to set fire to an entire generation. With out any exaggeration, a mix CD given to me by a friend of mine (SuZ – Big ups where ever you are) is a testimony. This five disk epic completion covers almost the entire era of hiphop, from public enemy to Zion- I. For any one who had given up on hiphop, this mixcd should be the jumpstart and for the unfortunate ones out there who never experienced this wonder - it’s a funky history lesson.

Looks like my rant has taken a detour from bashing the corporate gluttony propaganda to proving the subtle existence of goooood hip hop. The point here is; what the fat heads are doing is just trampling over the grave of hip hop (for those of you who believe hip hop dead). For us keeners, this is just another display of disrespect of a social phenomenon. Sure there is no need to advertise fast food, for the term it self is self advertising. In today’s fast paced society ‘fast’ and ‘food’ take a very deep meaning, deep not as in deep fried but deep as in having the time to prepare wholesome food has become a rare occasion. I guess they just wanna show us what they are capable of, they can infiltrate in to a subculture and finally engulf it. Good old hegemony but I just can’t ‘swallow’ the idea of a burger hegemony.

So my friends, I am sure there is plenty of “starving” artists who are waiting to jump on the idea to get a drip from the MacDonald corporation grease bucket while your local airwaves start serving their steaming, just out of the microwave McBlingBling. In the words of snoop dog ‘Whhhy Not’. I just feel sorry for the likes of Andrew ‘log’ long who let out a shriek and hide in their hole when ever they hear the “I’m lovin’ it” song.

Damn, I’m even gonna take my chances on this one

My lyrics juicer than a bigmac

More chilled than a Mcflurry

got cash flowin like a Mcshake

Just roll in in my Bentley

and the hoe would go…

may I take your f’in order!

Definitely needs some work, what good is it with out more sprinkle of profanity. btw, If any ass hole tries to use that, I have got it copyrighted and I will send a lawyer for every strand of hair that’s left on your empty brain compartment.

If I had the opportunity to boycott McDonalds I would, sadly there ain’t any in Ethiopia. no commercial radio stations either, thank heavens for that.

crazy ass mofos (changed upon request of a fellow reader)

Friday, April 08, 2005

no humping while i am meowing

Learned two practical life lessons in the past weeks.

The weekend before, I was out of town on work related mater. When I got back, I found my lil’bro in a frenzy of excitement, I was curious to know what he was on so I asked the folks at home what got him going. The story is, over the weekend a cat had taken a refuge in the vines and gave birth to five kittens. Unlike my bro, I hid my excitement and went on with my business.">

Over the next week, I snuck out when ever I am home to take a glimpse of the kitten colony, which got me pretty attached to them as I witnessed their progress from furless to fur-ball stage. The mother being a stray cat, she was busy getting knocked up again - she only comes in to feed them once or twice a day. On Sunday however, I was taking the usual sneak peak when she showed up. I guess the bitch got jealous, she took each of them away one by one and there was nothing I could do about it. Now I know how it feels when a woman walks out on her man taking the kids with her.

The other lesson is on tragedy and comedy; it happened this past Saturday at a classical concert held by the German embassy. Concerts in Addis (any kind) don’t happen too often, so I purchased my ticket way ahead thinking it would be a good idea to psudo-satisfy my hankering for live music. The concert being a special event (to commemorate their attempt to take over the world 50years ago, just KD) all sorts of high ranking officials, including the German ambassador and the mayor for Addis were there and had to yak about how the Germans are so cool with their classical music and we are not.

The German ambassador who is a lady and what a lady, about 6’5”, made a very long speech in German which came up to a quarter of the time when it got translated to Amharic. As she was leaving the podium, instead of going to the back where the stairs were, she took a short cut to the side and took a mighty plunge. The whole crowd sighed at the incident and there were all sorts of commotion for a few seconds, of course all in German. Before I knew it, she was up waving at the crowd and silence turned in to laughter. I dunno if she did it on purpose to add some comedy to her long ass boring speech but it sure would have been a tragedy if she had hurt her self process. I guess the other lesson is, German goods are very strong so always buy German.

Oh….about the concert, it was very intellectually stimulating so I won’t use words like wicked, kick ass, or rocking to describe it. Let’s just say it was splendid but it was no MMJ or morrisey or the walkmen…. For the curious in mind, check out an Ethiopian composer called Ashenafi Kebede, I my self wasn’t aware of his name till the weekend but one of his compositions called “the shepherd’s flute” is a soundtrack to my childhood.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

if you read this, you just renewed you membership to the my funclub

Although I haven’t been able to verify the source, the rumor is my blog had more hits than the website that hosted Paris Hilton’s educational home video. Appreciate your encouraging comments and yes, I miss you too.

It’s funny how missing works, when it actually dose. it is the ultimate blend of human emotions, you put a heap of nostalgia, a dash of love and a pinch of regret , serve that on a bed of memories vualla, you’ve got your self a spicy missala (the metaphoric version of massala, my favorite Indian curry. mmm….curry). Luckily there is no lack for those ingredients on my side, in fact way to much; it’s so spicy it makes me teary.

The life of a driller doesn’t leave much time for frequent blogging, hence, again like my adversary Paris Hilton the content doesn’t get updated too often, ain’t that a shame. I don’t do the actual drilling my self, I wish I did tho, my task mostly is to look after a herd of drillers, could call me a ‘drillerherder’. However, in between my hearding I take some time to sit in the shade of a tree and jot down interesting bits of my days to share with you. Sometimes it gets mixed up with the geological blogs I write for work so snippets of it end up in the reports I prepare and some geology might also make in to this blog. I think that’s gneiss.

My plan after my first groundbreaking blog was to share my experience of house hunting in Addis Ababa. I have decided to hold that back till I actually find me a place as I am finding the process quite aggravating and could not find any humor in it. The thing with such experiences is they are only funny once they are passed, like the time when I and ted almost got killed by a truck, oh man was that hilarious.

Other interesting episodes of the past two weeks will be posted shortly, most probably before you even read this one so HOLD YOUR GODAMN HORSES.

P.S. luke, if you read this, I could rily use that shovel now.