Thursday, April 07, 2005

if you read this, you just renewed you membership to the my funclub

Although I haven’t been able to verify the source, the rumor is my blog had more hits than the website that hosted Paris Hilton’s educational home video. Appreciate your encouraging comments and yes, I miss you too.

It’s funny how missing works, when it actually dose. it is the ultimate blend of human emotions, you put a heap of nostalgia, a dash of love and a pinch of regret , serve that on a bed of memories vualla, you’ve got your self a spicy missala (the metaphoric version of massala, my favorite Indian curry. mmm….curry). Luckily there is no lack for those ingredients on my side, in fact way to much; it’s so spicy it makes me teary.

The life of a driller doesn’t leave much time for frequent blogging, hence, again like my adversary Paris Hilton the content doesn’t get updated too often, ain’t that a shame. I don’t do the actual drilling my self, I wish I did tho, my task mostly is to look after a herd of drillers, could call me a ‘drillerherder’. However, in between my hearding I take some time to sit in the shade of a tree and jot down interesting bits of my days to share with you. Sometimes it gets mixed up with the geological blogs I write for work so snippets of it end up in the reports I prepare and some geology might also make in to this blog. I think that’s gneiss.

My plan after my first groundbreaking blog was to share my experience of house hunting in Addis Ababa. I have decided to hold that back till I actually find me a place as I am finding the process quite aggravating and could not find any humor in it. The thing with such experiences is they are only funny once they are passed, like the time when I and ted almost got killed by a truck, oh man was that hilarious.

Other interesting episodes of the past two weeks will be posted shortly, most probably before you even read this one so HOLD YOUR GODAMN HORSES.

P.S. luke, if you read this, I could rily use that shovel now.


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