Friday, May 20, 2005

Alternative Thursdays - Week 2 ( May 12, 2005)

Revolutions per Beats: Part 1

After completing the play list on Wednesday night, I sat back and thought about the consequences of going ahead with it, the last thing the fatheads want is more agitation. There is already a list of banned songs posted in the studio; gladly the list is for Amharic songs. What’s worst than a politician is a pissed off spiteful politician.

I consulted a couple of friends about my plan, including a fellow radio show host, who assured me the sensors are not capable of deciphering such messages.

anyhu, since I am posting this after the show, it automatically implies that I am alive, not being tortured for my deeds, and still your alternative Thursday host. The best part of the evening was the few phone calls I got from people who managed to grasp the idea of the show. FIGHT FOR YOUR MIND!

1. Gil Scott Heron - the revolution will not be televised (But no one said it won’t be on the radio! dedicated to ETV)


2. Bob Marley - Rat Race

3. Bob Dylan - The times they are changing


4. Queen - Under pressure

5. Ben Harper - Fight for your mind


6. Buffalo Springfield - For what’s its worth

7. Tilahun Gessese - Tchu’heten Betsemune (if you could hear my sorrow)(I figure this would be the one song that would get me in s#$% so it’s dropped from the play list. at least for now)

8. The Constantines - Shine a light


9. Zion I - Presidential Freestyle

10. Steve Wonder - Mistra know it all


11. Antibalas - Big Man


12. Marvin Gaye - You are the man


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