Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Alternative Thursdays - Week 3 (May 19, 2005)

Revolutions per Beats: Part 2

Unlike last show, I had more guts than Attila the Hun when I came up with this weeks play list. The fact nothing but good feedbacks came had a lot to do with it.

Similar to last weeks, the songs are my response to the vibe of the week. The first dialogue was about a TV show I watched as a child, which I probably share with the non-amharic speaking folks and a disclaimer for the wrong message others got out of it.

It was the most popular if not the only children’s show for anyone in my generation. The main host of the show, Aba’ba Tesfaye, was an old but sweet man who always opened the program by pretending he can see our every move through the TV screen. For while I believed him, in a “there is rily a Santa” way. He refers to his fans, the children, as “today’s flowers tomorrow’s fruits”.

The reason I reminisced about aba’ba tesfaye was because of his habitual message about sharing our seat with the ones standing to watch the show and for the unfortunate ones who couldn’t be accommodated to bunch up together rather than standing separately. I felt this message can be a metaphor for the week we are in. I got a couple of calls condemning me for my disrespect for the old man. ofcourse, that's not what i meant.

There was also a dude who called asking for more music and less yakking. All I can say to him is - I am glad you like the music then again if you don’t like the human touch of the show you have the constitutional right to start a music only radio program ofcourse with commercial breaks. After all, Alternative Thursdays is a show with “a lot to say and plenty more to play”

Billy Ocean - When the going gets tough


  1. White stripes - Seven nation army
  2. Public Enemy - Don’t believe the hype


  1. Sam Roberts - Hard Road
  2. The Smiths - Big Mouth Strikes Again


  1. The Dears - Who are you? defenders of the universe
  2. My Morning Jacket - Low down


  1. Lauren Hill - Mr. Intentional
  2. M.I.A - Pull up the People


  1. Dezarie - Strengthen your mind


  1. Radiohead - You and who’s Army?


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