Monday, May 30, 2005

A blog good enuf to rub on your pals face

The PES has subsided. Hurray to a massive dose of propaganda injected into us by the rusty government controlled media. I am just worried them politicians haven’t got the right amount of dose or even the right composition. Of course that means more complications.

I have boycotted the state Radio and TV! Another report on how some town showed their appreciation for the democratic and fair elections is seriously hazardous to my mental health. The news papers, oh, I am sure they can find better use for the ink and paper, like one of those funny pages in the toike that you rub on your pals face just for gags. Unfortunately, my job partly involves scanning for tenders on the state owned newspapers. I noticed today for the second time in the news papers history, they had a full color page dedicated to May 28th. The first one was the Monday after the elections, which had a color picture of a zombie from Michael Jackson’s thriller video casting its vote (I thought it was a zombie???) Today’s is even better, a rather large dove seems to be content about either crushing or making off with a ballot box. And the head line “May 28 – Historic Crown of Democracy in Ethiopia” (psst..I think they are referring to the elections) it makes no more sense if you translate it to Amharic. I mean, if they are going to go in to the trouble of making it all pretty, at least they should have someone with a sense of scale and comprehension in charge.">

The private press, the one thing we got out of this mock of a democracy, are not free of this rot either. they might as well sight their sources to their local “Wukabe” (witch doctor). There is no uniformity in their reporting, its very bias to which side they are on plus rumors, lots and lots of rumors. In turn, these political tabloids have been enjoying enormous success, financial of course, in some cases getting sold out in the morning which means you have to beg or snatch it from the old lady with a rather large umbrella who takes pride of her early purchase.

I will probably get tenderized for my next comment. For a long time I was convinced PM Meles is a smart man. This is the guy that has Bush and Blair shaking their tails at him like a bitch in heat. Recently tho, I believe all this confusion is making him….hmmm..dumber? His recent interview showed his disdain for losing all the seats in Addis and for that he vowed to make life a living hell for the opposition. wait, that wasn’t the best part. after all the votes are cast, rigged, pre-marked and what not, he finally gave an explanation on how his party and his goons have so much smackers stashed up in the safe heaven of foreign banks. If you guessed “they made it during the 17 years of bitter struggle to liberate the country” then you are right. shoot, why didn’t I think of that. after all war is the most profitable business! the scamming, the fundraising, the looting…oh so many streams you can get in to. someone check on how much capital is needed to start a war. Such statement coming just before the 14th anniversary of their victory and our “liberation” is just another slap on my pretty habesha face.

May 28th 1991. As a 10 year old in grade seven at the time, the democracy I experienced was the fact they came in right before the final exams before the summer. The exams were skipped and they took first term marks and added some to it to commemorate the joyous occasion. Seven people came first from my class, sadly I wasn’t one of them. the rest of my recollections include people out in masses hugging tanks to show their gratitude for the liberation. Ethiopians sure love their guests as long as they don’t overstay. now the same people are spitting in their faces.

Thanks to the ban on public gatherings, there was no victory day parade, no fireworks, no nothing. Instead ETV aired the previous year celebrations plus the usual gory battle scenes. But the opposition, after days of pondering, has found a solution to the “no protest” ban by holding a prayer vigil at mosques and churches, perhaps a request to the almighty creator to strike down the cheater, in which case it will leave us with no leaders or future leaders. up to now, I have always enjoyed the fact the opposition did not dip their hands into religion. The ruling part picking religious institutions to observe the election - just because they have fear of god - was a sure sign to keep away from this territory. From my experience a Kes (a priest) is a person who would cosign a fake death certificate just to indulge in the gluttonous post-fake-funeral services. In fact, if I see a priest and politician in an empty alley-way I will jab my heart out with a dull object. I will add this to my list of nightmares.

Someone please pass me Addis Zemen or The Herald, my PES is acting up again!


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Tsega, Tsega!

Oh, where have I been?? How have I not come across you? I have been dying to read an Ethiopian's perspective on things there (Andrew has grown on me, but you know.. can't get the qess-politician paradigm from him.) You are incredible. I gotta go catch us on all your PES'. Thank you-- thank you--thank you.

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