Friday, May 06, 2005

extra extra the mighty tsegasaurus roams the airwaves!

As some of you know, I have been trying to make it on the airwaves on the one and only FM station in Addis. After four months of “Dej tinat” as wE call it in Ethiopia, I had my moment of glory last night from 8:00PM -9:00pm, which is going to be my regular time slot every Thursday.

For now, the show is called, ‘Alternative Thursdays’. In fact, I was asked for an explanation on why ‘Alternative’. Very simple reason for that, I play some thing out of the regular top 40. Besides, the term Alt- has been the hippest thing in the music industry for a while (Alt-rock, Alt-hiphop, Alt-country, Alt-tribalchanting)

My on air name is going to be ‘Mc. Minale’. ‘Mc’ as in ‘Mc Hammer’ but ‘minale’ is an Amharic word for ‘what did he say’ so basically my name is ‘what did the Mc say?’

I will tell you what i say in the words of Morrissey;

“Hang the blessed DJ, because the music they constantly play, it says nothing to me about my life”

Play list for the first show:

Sigur ros – Agetes Byryun (a good beginning)

KoS – Mc Murdha (make way for the new skool)

Neil Young – Tonight is the night (fo’ shizzle ma whizzle)

Asnaqeth Werku – Mengedenaw Lebe (one of my favorite Ethiopian singer-songwriter, the song has a message to dare your self and do things out of the ordinary)

Smiths – Panic (HANG the DJ)

Zion I – Fools Gold (why the DJ should be hanged)

LifeSavas – Hellohihey (ego ego ego)

Michael Franti – Everyone Deserves Music (even our enemies, the DJs that should be hanged)

Horace Andy – Do you love my music (do ya punk? do ya?)

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven (dylio’s recommendation)

Once i get the promised broadband connection Ethiopian telecommunication has been promising us for the past little while, I will post the entire show on mp3 format.


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