Monday, June 06, 2005

Alternative Thursdays - Week 5 (June 2, 2005)

Revolutions per Beats

Notice I left out the “Part” bit, that’s how it’s going to be from now on ‘cause the revolution is never ending.

When ever I am out seeking service, be it governmental or private, I get this transient but reoccurring thought in my head whether the majority the Ethiopians are ready for real change or just along for the ride. You can see the absence of patience from the restless drivers who long to hear their horn blare to the guy you cuts you in a queue just because he is convinced his matter is more important than yours and then denies you the apology or the gratitude you deserve for letting him go with his unethical deed. Then you have the guards who make you confess your life story before letting you pass to the person you find on a swivel chair who think you are there because you have nothing better to do. Wait! Just when you think you got your idea on two legs, someone will blatantly steal your ground work just because he can’t be bothered to come up with a fresh idea. You see the absence of caring and courtesy in all of them, something that we Ethiopians claim to have in ample amounts. What’s worse is, most, if not all of this people have gone out to exercise their “Democratic Rights” on May 7, 2005. When I started my political rants, I aforementioned change is not something that should be left for the politicians, rather it is up to the individual. Are individual changes we expect to come from the elections?

Individual thinking is the root of radial change, its’ the common dreams we germinate inside us that grow up to link us all. It’s then that we can work on bigger ideas like voting for the “right” person. At the moment, the only common goal we seem to have is ousting EPRDF. Then what? Life will go on the same way until the day we realize nothing has changed then demand for yet another change of regime, completing another stagnant march.

In Ethiopia we have a saying for such situations, “tatbo chika” (muddy regardless of washing), still everyone seems to want new cloth, what is the use of wearing new cloth with out completely rinsing your self.

Play list

  1. The postal service – this place is a prison
  2. Granddaddy – revolution (beetles cover)
  3. U2 – I still haven’t found what I am looking for
  4. Dave Mathews Band – Typical situation
  5. Rolling Stones – Time is on my side
  6. Mohamud Ahmed – Gize’ Degu Neger
  7. Funkadelic – One nation under a groove
  8. Bob Marley and the wailers – small axe
  9. Fugges – Ready or Not
  10. Michael Jackson – man in the mirror


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