Monday, June 06, 2005

Day 1: breaking rant

While I am sitting here typing away this blog at the safety of my office on stolen work time, I just heard AAU students are surrounded by scores of solders for unknown reason. form the various reports I get on my cell phone, the chaos seems to have started there in the middle of the night and moved on to piazza and mercato, the two most populated urban locations in Addis. As I am expecting the next client to walk in at any second, stores in mercato that closed fearing a riot are being forced to open by the federal police. This should be the point when you start to wonder where I am. Still in Addis, Five kilometers from the epicenter (AAU). Despite my proximity everything looks awfully normal where I am and this is all the information I have. The radio didn’t mention anything during the midday news. surprised?

May the force be with us. I will keep you posted


Blogger enaseb said...

been thirsty for this type of account to manifest in my reality since the madness began. amesegenalew.....beTam.

12:35 AM  

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