Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Day 2:when the fedrals come marchin in

I highly doubt if I need to start telling the story all over again on top of what’s all over the news including the famous picture of a kid being pounded with a rifle butt by the infamous federal police. The western media finally got what they were hankering for; those savage Africans are at it again.

The federal police reported they only arrested 370 students the numbers however have been tampered for damage control. I say that’s when they lost count, if they can count. Eye witnesses said they saw nine truck loads leaving the AAU compound on the first raid. Give me an f’in break! Nine trucks for 370 students for a brutal raid would be considered a first class transportation to the detaining camp. nobody knows the real figures, not even the police.

While the convoy of trucks was on its way to a detaining camp on the outskirt of the city, students of the Kotebe Teachers Collage (KTC) and area residents put up road blocks with everything they could get their hands on. The clash didn’t last long, they were no match for the heavily armed federal police, once again the police struck with brutality killing one girl and injuring several others. Once more they justified the arrest of 150 students from KTC. still no one knows the real figures.

Today on the news state media reported students clashed with police for reasons not disclosed. they continued to accuse the students of destroying government property which was a truck with no plates, hmmmm…strange I wonder who this truck belongs to…its 4WD…it’s got a machinegun mount on it….wait it’s painted camouflage. I seeeee, it belongs to the ministry of agriculture. On further accusations, they said the roadblocks put by the students caused traffic inconveniences, some parents complained they couldn’t get their kids home from school on time. What about the inconvenience caused by that stupid candle light vigil they held to protest the peaceful opposition protest held over the weekend. I stand here as a witness for the amount of distressed mothers calling the FM station for the whereabouts of their children at 9:00pm. No one mentioned that.

The government takes us for fools but I see where they are coming from. this morning everything was back to relatively normal conditions, buses and taxis were running as usual, if not all some stores are open, 8-5ers were on their usual daily routine. How can they not take us for fools? Does this look like a city where the opposition won 100% of the seats?

Tomorrow would have been the day the final election results are released. This date how ever as been postponed by another month for July 8th. The National Election Board (NEBE) sought the extension to “clarify” the issues in the disputed constituencies.

What a way to start the extra month of anticipation by an intimidation campaign focused on students thoughtful enuf to realize that time is the ultimate way to stonewash the peoples mindset, students who have always taken the burden for the people. And what a way for the public to pay back the students who stood for rights of everyone.

more stories are unfolding as you read this.


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