Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Day 3: when the fedrals come crashing in

taxies went on strike as of today, no body knows how long their strike will last considering they buckled down to government orders when they went on strike some years back protesting the price increase on fuel. Still no uniformity in the public, eventho there are hardly any taxis on the streets, the city was more bustling that ever this morning. pavements were overflowing with pedestrians on the way to work. yesterday most governmental organizations passed a memorandum to their employees that they should be at work at their regular time or face the consequence. it’s hard to tell what’s happening with private businesses, most of them are continuing with business as usual behind their closed doors.

Still nothing happening where I am but clashes between the public and the police is intensifying uptown (piazza & mercato). People have put up more road blocks and taxies and buses that did not cooperate to the strike are being stoned and burnet. the federal police and the army is going house to house, crashing doors, arresting mostly citizens the PM Meles termed as ‘adegenga bozene’ (dangerous hooligans), who are basically young people in their late teens and twenties who do not have a job. There is a report a couple of people have been shot by the police around Abinet, which is not far from where I am right now.

Yesterday universities and colleges across the country walked out demanding the release of the release of their counterparts in Addis. The news we are getting from there is varied, the only thing we know of for sure is the heavy army presence in cities and towns were there are higher educational institutions.

At this very moment, the city has become deserted. The rains have started, probably the gods way of stopping the violence but the rains are not going to continue forever.


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