Thursday, June 09, 2005

Day 4: sorrow, tears, and blood

Mr. Morton: Was it necessary you kill all of them, I only told you to scare them!

Frank: People scare better when they’re dyin’

(1968, once upon a time in the west)

At least twenty two unarmed protesters lost their lives yesterday when they clashed with machine gun wielding army, an army from hell that’s brought to keep the peace of the city as if the brutal federal police aren’t enuf. Well, just like frank, our prime minister has come out to be a brute. Since he is in command of the security forces, his orders were to shoot first and ask questions later. He didn’t want the protesters scared off by shooting in the air or using tear gas and water canons. So much for the most progressive leader in Africa.

No big news today, after yesterdays massacre the city is in relative calmness today but there is still tension in the air. The roads are still devoid of the blue devils that wreck havoc in regular times , the taxi union said they have nothing to do with the strike but the government has threatened to “put the out of use for ever” if they don’t return. Even if it’s not in the regular pace you still see activity in the city which is probably going to decrease as the day goes by, no protests have been reported so far but the stoning of busses has continued. The majority of the stores are closed, some opened only to sell their perishables. Businesses are doing what they were doing yesterday. The selfish ones who were lined up at the restaurant on bole road are still lined up today during lunch hours. All the banks are open. The bank owned by the EPRDF, Wegagen Bank has frozen regular cash transactions. CUD officials have been put under house arrest.

Alternative Thursdays (aka: Revolutions per Beats) is still scheduled to be on air tonight but this time I am actually scared. Scared of being part of the rotten state media that’s airing false propaganda and happy times music as if things are normal. I am scared of what I have on my hands, which is something most of the concerned citizens do not have, I have the power to say what I want to say to thousands of people before they cut me out followed by heaven knows what….


Blogger CluelessAbesha said...

cool blog.

how did your show go?

9:15 AM  
Blogger enaseb said...

they might muffle the kebero and loosen the strings of the waTa gen ye wefochun demts manew yemeedefeTetew? yours is reachin me loud and clear.

11:42 PM  

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