Wednesday, July 13, 2005

arms “R” us

I hate to be yegedel mamito (an echo) but this article is worth mentioning since it matches my last blog.

The very people who want to pull Africa out of poverty are the ones who put her in this misery pit in the first place. Surprised? Habits being a bad thing, despite their effort they are making by canceling debts and increase aid, on the side, they are still encouraging bad governance through arms trade.

Poor countries like Ethiopia do not manufacture their weapons, if we could, we wouldn’t be fighting each other like savages, we would be busy making more weapons. The article describes the who and who sold what in the international arms trade as well as who spends what on arms.

BTW, my car got broken in to last night as I was having a pleasant dream, I am in the market for a used AK47 to make sure it doesn’t happen again. any one? hey! G8 dudes, spare an automatic rifle?

P.S. on the brighter side of life Andrew heavens latest blog is about favorite places in Ethiopia. Here is mine - I have a view of this mountain (in the background) form my office and when ever I get furious with work or getting robbed or reading such articles, having a quick gaze at it brings me back to calma. everyone calls it Mt. Wechecha, I call it Mt. Serenity now. i will post a better pic.


Blogger sissoula said...

Calma. That's a beautiful word.

And there's quite a contrast between what I see (lovely picture) and what I read. They say the best way to avoid motion sickness is to keep your eye on the horizon.

10:21 PM  

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