Thursday, August 11, 2005

got hype?

The NEBE has finally released the decisive election results

wait wait….i could do better

“guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back
na na nanana. na na nanana.......”

i know I could still do better…


pardon my amharic

those guys weren’t joking when they forecasted the same thing a day after the election. Their tenquay must be better than my tenquay.

tsegasaurus words of wisdom: Politics and apple cores can’t stay fresh for long in open air

The UEDF is not accepting the results and is going to fight the NEBE at the supreme court

ATTENTION! Ato Kemal Bedri, you’ve done marvelous job with your chairmanship at the NEBE now the EPRDF needs your usual patronage at the Supreme Court.

If they can’t trust the NEBE what makes them think they can trust the court. Don’t they know already that every place of authority is infested with EPRDF pests? it’s just going to substantiate their victory “hey every one look the opposition is going to court. how democratic of them”

first of the gang to lie!

So the Chinese are the first ones to endorse EPRDFs victory. This is according to a press statement by the communist party.

“congratulations EPRDF for winning your third “democratic” election. then again, what do we know about democracy, we’re just a bunch of commies….muah muah muah…NOW NAME ANOTHER STREET AFTER OUR “TREASURED” FRIENDSHIP! how about ‘Ethio Chinese Friendship Road 2’ muah muah muah”

the rest…..

AU….”shhhh, ya ya good job now, can’t you see we busy trying to score a couple of worthwhile seats in the security council”

US….”those Ethiopians, are they helpful or unhelpful?”

UK…..…”I told you all this wouldn’t have happened if our pubs were open all night….fancy a pint?”

Mr. Clarke….”you know that bereket simon has some nerves…”….

Mr. Carter…. -Gone Fishing, Jimmy -

Mrs. Gomez,…beep...beep....beep...

Russia,….”alright who farted in the submarine?”

hellow, any body else?

France:….”Sunny aaaaand 29 degreez? who neez uhhh sunblock quand you ‘ave uhhhh crepes, oui oui crepes”

Mr. T….”I pity da foo”

Looks like everyone is occupied with their own issues.

What now then?

“…It’s alright to get caught
stealing back what you’ve lost….”

so, who’s up for it?

hey! I just heard loud car honks, could this be the beginning of….lemme go check…...
never mind, they are honking at an old lady crossing the road.

who is for reclaiming democracy?

vroom, vroom,….screeccchhh….honk honk

I will rephrase my question….

who wants to be crushed without hesitation for demanding democratic rights?

wait, what’s that piece of paper every one is holding? could this be the opposition calling for……..lemme go check………….never mind, it’s the form for DV2006

HEY C’MON, somebody gotta be down with uniting this country! can you imagine how COOL that would be? emperor tewodros did it


“all men have secrets and here is mine so let it be known…..”

I here by confess I have become a hype-junky. hype gets me going. I said I never liked politics. Things have changed since then, I never knew the polisphere is oooozing with so much hype, I thought I had a supply to last me a life time. Here in the political stink hole I found the mother of all hypes. I was bad, I indulged my self in it like there is no tomorrow. Sadly there is. and a hype less tomorrow. Lately I haven’t been getting my fix, the supply is running low. some people say this might just be the last of it…….