Thursday, September 29, 2005

VIVA! platetectonics

“SURPRISE!” that’s how my halfassed rants are looking like this days. the worst part of it is that the longer the time since my last blog the less motivated I get to post. Quality becomes an issue too. As Neil would say “the more you think, the more you stink”. Somehow I am taking this blogging thing way to seriously. plus, it’s not possible to be a diligent ‘full time geodologist/halfassed carpenter/grease monkey/blogger’. there is one missing in there - ‘a kickass radio DJ’. Unfortunately that title didn’t last to see the 15th show. I am no more the host of alternative Thursdays, in fact Thursdays are not so alternative anymore. in a way, it’s helped in keeping me unscratched, my folks celebrated the occasion.

aight. more politics less other-topics. Even if it’s not worthy of CNN’s situation room yet, there has been quite the situations roundhere. for one; ever played rock paper scissors (AboSem if you grew up in Ethiopia) with whiny kids that keeps crying it was practice run every time they lose? That is how it feels to be in Ethiopia right now. while still proclaiming that the may 2005 elections is the most democratic election ever ever ever , the EPRDF government have also been trying to convince us the elections was a practice run, adding that the humiliation has been a lesson for them. so far they have hastily embarked on giving tax breaks, a new education policy, land reform…anything to prove they are worthy of another five years. to make things even comical, right around the time the 99% of the way dead Robert Mugabe declared this was his last term for him as president of Zimbabwe, ours here claimed ditto. During an interview, PM Meles declared that five more years is all he wants to reach an orgasm. This is exactly what’s wrong with African leaders; they think it’s up to them to say enuf, no matter how screwy they are. I say power to the people but that doesn’t come easy in Africa.

Remember ‘unsettle calmness’? it’s been lingering around ever since and now it’s hit the roof again. The EPRDF has been playing all sorts of dirty tricks to silence the oppositions. the one that’s going to be a nominee for the “the tricky-dick award for the dirtiest trick of 2005’ will be ‘creating a second political party using the same name, seal, and sellout-x-members of an existing, prominent political party and giving them airtime on the state media to announce their legitimacy’. the party in highlight is the Oromo National Congress (ONC), one of the parties that make up UEDF headed by Dr. Merara Gudina, a man I fell in like with during the televised debates. The leading sell-out is called Weizero? Almaz Seifu, a lady I knew from my childhood going to the football stadium, who screamed like a maniac when ever St. George Beer (now called plain St. George) is loosing. I was hugely surprised to find her in the political circle. She was good at it too until a very strange abduction story surfaced about her. No one knows what exactly happened but she was removed from UEDF executive committee for behavioral misconduct and now she has gone behind their back.

In the mean while, the all oppositions, besides EPRDF-ONC, have put their foot down. they are boycotting the parliament and they demand satisfaction. in fact, last Saturday, the four parties that make up the CUD merged to one, a fatal blow to EPRDF. they were so mad, they gave it front page news on the EPRDF herald.

On the subject of fatal blows, a few real ones landed on plenty of federal police officers and addis-ababians on Tuesday. Wednesday was a holiday, Meskle, the finding of the true cross. As part of a tradition, people have bonfires on the eve to symbolize how the true cross’ resting place was discovered. The biggest bonfire ceremony is held at Meskel Square (not the blog!), which use to be known as ‘Revolution Square’ during the comieedays. After Megistu denied any kind of fire for 17 years except the fire arms that parade on revolution day, it’s original purpose and name was restored in 1992 after EPRDF took power. customarily, the bonfire ceremony is attended by very important people and this year, EPRDF officials including the mayor, president girma - worlds #1 no use president, and the orthodox pope attended the event - so did a couple of hundred thousand agitated addis-ababians. Even my high school home-economics teacher was never boooed like that. not only they got booed, they got chased off the ceremony with a stone shower of biblical proportions. Meskel miracle, the federals didn’t retaliate with bullet showers, they used rocks and batons instead.

Boycotting got followed by CUD & UEDF jointly calling a global peaceful protest for October 2nd. This is something that the EPRDF did everything in their “power” from happening. Since then, the government has been uttering threats somewhere in the lines of repeating the July 15th massacre if the most democratic election ever ever ever is protested. From what’s seen at the Meskel mini-riot, the public has become more hardened since July 15th, a lot more force might be required to yield. I have very little doubt they won’t use that force either for they have already sharpened their knives for the scapegoat they prepared long ago. Very though choices to be made in the coming few days, it could be the one chance for everyone to sand next to their choice but at what cost? I won’t be getting in to the story about breaking some eggs to make an omelet. Unless everyone is rily careful about how they handle the situation, we might end up killing the chicken her self.

On another news (didn’t I say there’s been lots happening), after six years of dormancy, the border war with Eritrea looks like it’s about to boil over. Both sides have been building up their army around the border and calling for someone to stop them before one ruins the other. GREAT. For the Ethiopian government to go in to war with Eritrea right now would be like attending an orgy while sick with diarrhea. The clowns ruling those countries do not know who to fight anymore, each other or their own citizens.

On the brighter side of life, plate tectonics might put an end to all this non-sense once and for all by breaking part of east africa from the rest of the continent. Several earthquakes in the past two weeks have sunk a mountain and triggered lava flow in the afar region, the lowest point in the Great African rift valley. my time frame for the brake-off is a exagrated, unless EPRDF is in power for the next geological epoch, still fighting with their Eritreaian counterpart.


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