Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ethiopia over a cup of tea

Let me iterate you with what’s been happening in the past week. I was once again in a better place; it seems the binary gods of this cyberworld have destined me to be in un-wired territories when ever the politicians start acting funny. Ok here we go!

After the oppositions announced the October 2nd peaceful protest, the government… no… the EPRDF…NO NO…THE WEYANNE’S! I don’t even know what to call this morons anymore, deemed it ‘an attempt to topple the government un-constitutionally’ - the constitution oozing with all sorts emerging democratic goodness - and unload their drones in the city, who they kept busy before the Sunday rally target practicing on the outskirts of the city. the oppositions called off the Sunday rally as a result of the ‘heavy blood’ forecast and went on to call a three day sit in during an important week for the government, the AU peace and security council meeting to be held in Addis. In the mean time, Meles Zenawi, the high priest of off our emerging democracy, calls up the ambassadors of donor nations ( UK and US) and proposes…I am hysterically laughing as I say this…A NEGOTIATION! A round table civilized discussion, perhaps with some tea and cookies, and come up to a mid point with the opposition.

is there even a midpoint here?

the oppositions decided to give the offer a shot and call off the sit in, which the state media widely publicized. This whole thing happened between the hours of 6am till 12pm of Saturday, talk about suspense. The saddest part of all this is things was already crumbling on the most important subject of “who caved in and called the damn negotiation”.

perhaps this should be sign to rethink…..but not yet.

The PM , who is too busy at the peace and security meeting wasn’t going to attend the negotiations, instead, Bereket ‘bagdad-bob’ Simon was delegated to lead the ruling party side.

That should have been the end of the beginning, Bereket can’t even negotiate with him self but to my anguish it went on.

eight major issues concerning the future of the country were brought to the table, which doesn’t include….here is one for the giggles…. a unity government. Instead EPRDF suggested absurd negotiation points such as; respect for the constitution (pull down your pants and bend over), a commitment to non-violence (not including target practices in the vicinity of the city limits, mass arrest, harassing members of other parties.) parliamentary procedure (not getting dragged out of a session by military police when ever the speaker of the house thinks you are unsightly )and Access to the media (only one is a camera the other is a machine gun, you guys pick which one we use today).

some one should have thrown the towel right then.

For the next four days a half-assed joint press conference where everyone kept hush hush (and a highly classified document leak) was all we knew about the negotiation until they emerged on Friday, all haggard, telling us it all went pear shaped! Heaven knows we could have used that three day sit in. other than writing my over due reports, the African Summit would have been held in a deserted city.

I am pretty pissed of at the opposition for not seeing this coming and lending the time to EPRDF who is going to use it to scramble for yet another twisted plot. Personally, the more we wait the nastier things are going to get. EPRDF, already in the process of establishing regional governments, is getting cushier and people are getting bitterer.


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