Sunday, October 30, 2005

Keep on Honkin' in the free world

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Despite this weeks debacle CUDP has managed to file their final merger to the NEBE and hold on to your seats….begin the peaceful demonstrations. For now it will start with boycotting government media and relations with EPRDF affiliated business aaaand we get to honk every morning for half an hour (8:00 – 8:30am). Although the latter leaves out the majority of the population who rely on their good foot, I still think there are enuf cars in the city to make the point. Besides, the past few days the city was getting whored up to host another African Union summit. Perhaps this time the band of tyrants will get a real taste of post election Addis.

The plan is to slowly increase the heat. In a very astute move to accommodate the muslim population, the sit-ins and possible all out strikes are held off till after Ramadan.

Of course, EPRDF has already increased the saber rattling. From the sound of tonight’s press release, which I know I wasn’t supposed to be reading, their next disgruntled move will be rounding up CUDP officials and banning the free press. oh my…that would only make things worse…much worse.


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