Saturday, October 29, 2005

The spy who almost shagged me

the political soap was at it’s climax this week. Both CUD and UEDF were busy solving what could have been disastrous internal problems. alas! two doctors, Dr. Merara and Dr. Beyene were relieved of their duty. It’s got to do with the party joining the mock-Parliament for the sake of Dr Meraras party ONC's survival. I didn’t pay much attention to it ‘cause CUD stole the little attention I have.

CUD’s was worse. They were busy removing a mole everyone knew about. EPRDF media outlet, not Addis Zemen, not the Herald, but the party’s official potty talk weekly, EFTIN was publishing minutes from CUD executive commit meeting word by word. it ‘s a good thing one of the qualities of the CUDP is having no secrets from the public.

the mole was visious this week, and it had a name, Lidetu Ayalew, who every one thought deserved an action figure. The not doctor, not so engineer, Lidetu will still have an action figure, only he will be portrayed as the worst villain of the 2005 election series.

Lidetu’s last minute stance of not making the CUDP merger official not only put the whole thing in jeopardy but it also raised some eye brows. The free press went on to dig deeper in to his intentions and finally linked him an Al Amoudi sponsored EPRDF spy. All those abuses against him by the secret service and police where just part of the drama heh… 75,000 people in his constituency went on to sign a petition that removes Lidetu of his representation. To add to the drama, the NEBE poopooed the electorates demand. Since when did the NEBE care about legitimacy of opposition MPs?

Lidetu on the other hand still claims his innocence and his devotion to the people. But the more he tries to defend him self the more he implicates himself. There is one particular statement about what he would do if the CUDP went with his plans and it fails - “beg for forgiveness”.

He was told to “strategically place” his forgiveness where the sun don’t shine.


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