Sunday, November 27, 2005

Public Announcement

This non-blog status is brought to you by the letters W,O,R & K in collaboration with Unsettle Calmness™, product of EPRDF nuisance

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

monday blues on a wednesday

leftovers from last week

I am having trouble writing, too overwhelmed by the “normal” pace of life. thank heaven there is always music to get the feeling across. u unfortunately I dunno how to post music files, even if I do the internet is too slow here is the lyric for Free by goodie mob. i use to use it as an opener for Alternative Thursdays back in my heydays as a flaming radio dj.

Incase you are wondering, everyone is back to work. so am i.

lord it's so hard, living this life
a constant struggle each and every day
some wonder why i'd rather die
than to continue living this way
many are blind and cannot find
the truth cause no one seems to really know
but i won't accept that this is how it's gonna be
devil you gotta let me and my people go
cause i wanna be free, completely free
lord won't you please come and save me
i wanna be free, totally free
i'm not gonna let this world worry me

N.B. For pronounced effect, listen to the song. ceelo’s baritone voice will knock ya of yer seats.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

lazy but not crazy

I am all lethargic from sittin at home.

Here is one I wrote back in June about organized protests and Ethiopians. infact if you feel you have the time check out the june archives.

déjà vu?

i will update after I get my brain back from the cleaners.

Friday, November 04, 2005

…..Like a dead dog needs a little nudge

Just moments ago before I sat to write this, there was machine gun fire close to where we live. When the shots ended it triggered all the neighborhoods dogs, including our neighbor’s that sounds like it’s levitating with its barking powers. Then some more dogs started barking farther and farther and farther until the barking spread all over the lowlands of Addis. What a surreal moment it was to stand in the crisp and quite night and witness the progression of canine alertness.

Everywhere I went the past two month, the political feeling had a similar pattern. Everyone was waiting for the first sign of uprising to come form Addis. The sign came this week, the past few days have left Addis in shock, and the shock wave has now reached all parts of Ethiopia. Ethiopians in all corners have now stood up against the regime. With the free press banned, information from those towns limited to personal contacts, if any; the LITTLE attention the western media gives to the current situation is concentrated on Addis. No matter how many ordinary mortals are gunned down in those places, their numbers and identity will remain unknown.

EPRDF is done for. at this moment in time, Meles and Co. are working on Plan B. their original plan to suck Ethiopia dry for five more years with the people under the barrel of their guns has definitely failed.

Being the rule of nature and me being a nerd, water boils when the vapor pressure exceeds atmospheric pressure. The situation in Ethiopia could boil over from civil unrest to civil war unless the pressure with in the country is matched by pressure from outside. Fact is; the AU is as useless as an asshole on the elbow, we will deal with them once this whole thing is over. Western countries need to stop their horsin’ around. What’s being heard form them so far is a redundant gibberish that urges “dialogue”, “restraint on both sides” and “independent investigations”. It’s too late for that, what Ethiopians need is some one to free them form the belly of the dying machine.

What intrigues me the most is the foreign representatives of Ethiopia who still stand by their programmed “it’s an emerging democracy” remark? It’s time for Ambassador Kassahun and the likes of him to wake up and smell the roses. Step down and Denounce the atrocities committed by their possessor and be granted a resting place for your miserable souls. Your actions can greatly reduce the amount of innocent blood that gets spilled for nothing.

every one needs a final wakeup call…..

Must reads (in addition to the ones already linked)

Ana Gomes’s letter to the EU
First hand accounts: ethioindex, ethiopianreview
Why blood is thicker than water

Thursday, November 03, 2005

wireless warriors

-- ring ring……ring ring… --

“hey…I just heard some shots around my neighborhood, any thing happening where you are…?”

“nah…just smoke from burning tires but I hear there is violence in Tulu Bolo…”

“what about D/zeit anything happening there yet…”

“not that I know of but someone called me earlier about troop movement to kaliti…”

“ me if you here anything “

“you do the same…”

-- click --

This is how most of us are participating in the current uprising. not every one who want the change is paying the sacrifice, it the ones with nothing to loose who are perishing out there. most of us just sit in the safety of our homes and commiserate ...

Call me naive but I was expecting a more of a large gathering of protesters taking over the streets, nothing uberly violent, What’s happening right now is not your ideal colored revolution, it more of an urban warfare. There is pocket resistance in every neighborhood, except for bole, which has been unofficially renamed Carter Center. Those who brave the times burn a few tires, throw some rocks, and chant until a truckload of army gets dumped in the area and unload a few cartridges on the unarmed protesters. Those lucky enough to escape the bullets run for their lives and take cover in the side streets of the city. The army goes chasing after them kicking doors, shooting and arresting anyone in their way.

The governments plan is to silence the uprising where it starts before it hits the main streets. There is no sympathy for the dead, the state radio is more concerned about the number of buses damaged.

It’s sickening to think all the killing is done by solders loyal to a hand full of people. it doesn’t take much thinking to realize that they are just as expendable. When the situation gets beyond their control, meles and his cronies will flee the country to live of off the millions they stashed.

-- ring ring…...ring ring.. --

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

the tipping point

The patience over flowed yesterday and it continues today but this time it is not limited to mercato and pizza, the whole city is a war zone, I hear gun shots as I am writing this. They rounded up CUDP officials and other civic organization leaders last night. Yesterday’s violence is orchestrated by the EPRDF so that they can put this people in jail. They don’t care at what cost.

They say eight people died yesterday but the real numbers won’t be known for a while. so far nothing on today’s death toll but we hear there are bodies all over the streets of Addis. The people have become too agitated, school kids who were chanting as they were passing on the street throwing rocks at everything, one landed near where I was, at least it wasn’t bullets. The army in disguise of the federal police is using excessive force, their aim is not to scare of the protesters by shooting in the air, once again they are using fatal force.

the situation is only going to get worse. Who knows what’s happening outside Addis.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tell-a “lie-to-your” vision

Halloween 2004: VP with his TV

Granted if I had a television set just with ETV, it would have had a nice cactus plant in place of a screen. The occasional TV I get to watch is at my folks where I can actually disappear in over 50 channels of mind numbingly good entertainment. So, for me, the boycotting of ETV is not a choice but more like fate. However, from yesterday’s experience every Ethiopian people should watch ETV.

In a country where the opposition enjoys an overwhelming majority support but the least access to media, a half-hour news reportage on the “wrong” doings of the opposition is not an easy publicity. Intentionally or un-intentionally (HA! I knew that phrase would actually come in handy) the state media is publicizing the steps of the peaceful resistance in details; all you need to do is filter out the propaganda junk, which doesn’t take a genius to do. plus, nothing wrong with some rubbish propaganda to get you riled up for the next day.

For those of you who get to celebrate Halloween once a year, HAPPY HALLOWEEN. For us everyday is Halloween getting spooked by the likes of Meles