Friday, November 04, 2005

…..Like a dead dog needs a little nudge

Just moments ago before I sat to write this, there was machine gun fire close to where we live. When the shots ended it triggered all the neighborhoods dogs, including our neighbor’s that sounds like it’s levitating with its barking powers. Then some more dogs started barking farther and farther and farther until the barking spread all over the lowlands of Addis. What a surreal moment it was to stand in the crisp and quite night and witness the progression of canine alertness.

Everywhere I went the past two month, the political feeling had a similar pattern. Everyone was waiting for the first sign of uprising to come form Addis. The sign came this week, the past few days have left Addis in shock, and the shock wave has now reached all parts of Ethiopia. Ethiopians in all corners have now stood up against the regime. With the free press banned, information from those towns limited to personal contacts, if any; the LITTLE attention the western media gives to the current situation is concentrated on Addis. No matter how many ordinary mortals are gunned down in those places, their numbers and identity will remain unknown.

EPRDF is done for. at this moment in time, Meles and Co. are working on Plan B. their original plan to suck Ethiopia dry for five more years with the people under the barrel of their guns has definitely failed.

Being the rule of nature and me being a nerd, water boils when the vapor pressure exceeds atmospheric pressure. The situation in Ethiopia could boil over from civil unrest to civil war unless the pressure with in the country is matched by pressure from outside. Fact is; the AU is as useless as an asshole on the elbow, we will deal with them once this whole thing is over. Western countries need to stop their horsin’ around. What’s being heard form them so far is a redundant gibberish that urges “dialogue”, “restraint on both sides” and “independent investigations”. It’s too late for that, what Ethiopians need is some one to free them form the belly of the dying machine.

What intrigues me the most is the foreign representatives of Ethiopia who still stand by their programmed “it’s an emerging democracy” remark? It’s time for Ambassador Kassahun and the likes of him to wake up and smell the roses. Step down and Denounce the atrocities committed by their possessor and be granted a resting place for your miserable souls. Your actions can greatly reduce the amount of innocent blood that gets spilled for nothing.

every one needs a final wakeup call…..

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Blogger said...

Please, please do not stop blogging. I don't know why more people haven't discovered this blog yet, but this is the only reliable habesha blog that's reporting what's really happening on the ground. Get pictures, interviews, whatever you can. We are starting a lobbying campaign in Washington and we need all the eyewitnesses we can get.

God Bless

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Blogger deejay said...

hey man

be safe but keep blogging

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