Wednesday, November 09, 2005

monday blues on a wednesday

leftovers from last week

I am having trouble writing, too overwhelmed by the “normal” pace of life. thank heaven there is always music to get the feeling across. u unfortunately I dunno how to post music files, even if I do the internet is too slow here is the lyric for Free by goodie mob. i use to use it as an opener for Alternative Thursdays back in my heydays as a flaming radio dj.

Incase you are wondering, everyone is back to work. so am i.

lord it's so hard, living this life
a constant struggle each and every day
some wonder why i'd rather die
than to continue living this way
many are blind and cannot find
the truth cause no one seems to really know
but i won't accept that this is how it's gonna be
devil you gotta let me and my people go
cause i wanna be free, completely free
lord won't you please come and save me
i wanna be free, totally free
i'm not gonna let this world worry me

N.B. For pronounced effect, listen to the song. ceelo’s baritone voice will knock ya of yer seats.


Blogger Ye-Bole-Lij said...

This is deep song...right for all Ethiopians!

2:17 PM  
Blogger Murk said...

Gods, I never knew about all that shit going on there. Wish you luck.

(oh, and I really like your writing)

3:25 PM  
Blogger enaseb said...

hey tseg,
don't be afraid
take a sad song
and make it betta
remember to let it into your heart
then we can start
to make it bettaaaaa

6:55 PM  

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