Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tell-a “lie-to-your” vision

Halloween 2004: VP with his TV

Granted if I had a television set just with ETV, it would have had a nice cactus plant in place of a screen. The occasional TV I get to watch is at my folks where I can actually disappear in over 50 channels of mind numbingly good entertainment. So, for me, the boycotting of ETV is not a choice but more like fate. However, from yesterday’s experience every Ethiopian people should watch ETV.

In a country where the opposition enjoys an overwhelming majority support but the least access to media, a half-hour news reportage on the “wrong” doings of the opposition is not an easy publicity. Intentionally or un-intentionally (HA! I knew that phrase would actually come in handy) the state media is publicizing the steps of the peaceful resistance in details; all you need to do is filter out the propaganda junk, which doesn’t take a genius to do. plus, nothing wrong with some rubbish propaganda to get you riled up for the next day.

For those of you who get to celebrate Halloween once a year, HAPPY HALLOWEEN. For us everyday is Halloween getting spooked by the likes of Meles


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