Wednesday, November 02, 2005

the tipping point

The patience over flowed yesterday and it continues today but this time it is not limited to mercato and pizza, the whole city is a war zone, I hear gun shots as I am writing this. They rounded up CUDP officials and other civic organization leaders last night. Yesterday’s violence is orchestrated by the EPRDF so that they can put this people in jail. They don’t care at what cost.

They say eight people died yesterday but the real numbers won’t be known for a while. so far nothing on today’s death toll but we hear there are bodies all over the streets of Addis. The people have become too agitated, school kids who were chanting as they were passing on the street throwing rocks at everything, one landed near where I was, at least it wasn’t bullets. The army in disguise of the federal police is using excessive force, their aim is not to scare of the protesters by shooting in the air, once again they are using fatal force.

the situation is only going to get worse. Who knows what’s happening outside Addis.


Blogger Ye-Bole-Lij said...

Please keep update us cousin .... I am sure you all safe! Thank you for the update! Danny

6:18 PM  

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