Thursday, November 03, 2005

wireless warriors

-- ring ring……ring ring… --

“hey…I just heard some shots around my neighborhood, any thing happening where you are…?”

“nah…just smoke from burning tires but I hear there is violence in Tulu Bolo…”

“what about D/zeit anything happening there yet…”

“not that I know of but someone called me earlier about troop movement to kaliti…”

“ me if you here anything “

“you do the same…”

-- click --

This is how most of us are participating in the current uprising. not every one who want the change is paying the sacrifice, it the ones with nothing to loose who are perishing out there. most of us just sit in the safety of our homes and commiserate ...

Call me naive but I was expecting a more of a large gathering of protesters taking over the streets, nothing uberly violent, What’s happening right now is not your ideal colored revolution, it more of an urban warfare. There is pocket resistance in every neighborhood, except for bole, which has been unofficially renamed Carter Center. Those who brave the times burn a few tires, throw some rocks, and chant until a truckload of army gets dumped in the area and unload a few cartridges on the unarmed protesters. Those lucky enough to escape the bullets run for their lives and take cover in the side streets of the city. The army goes chasing after them kicking doors, shooting and arresting anyone in their way.

The governments plan is to silence the uprising where it starts before it hits the main streets. There is no sympathy for the dead, the state radio is more concerned about the number of buses damaged.

It’s sickening to think all the killing is done by solders loyal to a hand full of people. it doesn’t take much thinking to realize that they are just as expendable. When the situation gets beyond their control, meles and his cronies will flee the country to live of off the millions they stashed.

-- ring ring…...ring ring.. --


Blogger Tazabiw said...

Wow.... Excellent reporting/[blogging?]. You really did a good job... Ny first time checking the site, but you were right on point on most issues. I had been extremely frustrated while visiting waltainfo site and all they were concerned about was burnt busses and cars.. not even one word about a single life lost. Is this what we've all come to in the end? feeling sorry for replacable busses and not even caring about the ones who've sadly passes away?
It seems as though most if not all of us want change, but we'd rather sit and wait for the [bozenes] to go out abd bring it about.anyways... am way off my point now./.. Great job!!

10:11 AM  

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