Thursday, December 22, 2005

Satan Vs Devil as Judged by Lucifer

I was preparing a bigger comeback special when I run across this article

Britain suspends aid to Uganda over allegations of human rights abuse

May I be the first to say “what the fun?”

Please don’t misunderstand this as a Ras Mesfin kind of deed. I am not saying we deserve better that our Ugandan brothers and sisters. Then again where is the fairness?

Britain acknowledged the human rights abuse in Uganda and acts on it by suspending direct AID?

Personally, suspending direct aid is not going to have much effect, we have seen it with Mugabe’s Zimbabwe and according to Uganda’s Ministry of Misinformation, we will see it again in Uganda.

“When these people impose their views on us, we do not just succumb to their wishes. That is not the way countries are run."

“they do not listen to us and if our views are not in their interest, then they are free to take their own actions."

ahaa......good old misinformation ministers

The main point here is the acknowledgment it self. What about us, ethiopians who have to live with the violator of violators, liar of liars, the abuser of abusers Meles ‘let’s just kill them all’ Zenawi.

Even meles is trying to out bad-boy every ruthless African leader. here is how he compares to musevini so far:

  • Museveni charges with treason, Meles charges with treason and genocide
  • Museveni restricts the free press, Meles just throws all of’em in jail
  • Museveni’s drones kill one, Meles kills hundreds and argues about the number
  • Last but not least, Meles won the 2005 YARA prize

When they called this guys new breed of African leaders were they referring to their ability to oppress, kill, lie, cheat and finally conceal the truth.

oh ya, where are my manners! HI everyone.


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