Sunday, January 22, 2006

Explosions in Addis

Two bombs went off in Addis last night. One bomb exploded near Teklehymanot Square (aka. somalterA) close to the commercial bank of Ethiopia. I am not exactly sure where the other one is. My sources also told me that no one was hurt by the explosions.

This doesn’t smell like doggie fart. Following the growing number of student protests and last week’s incidents at the Timket festival, EPRDF is hankering for some finger pointing.

Update and Correction: The location of the second bomb is now official. The mofos have bombed my old high school (they are still mofos). A grenade was thrown into Black Lion High School Hospital Student Dormatory in the night. Both incidents involve a grenade.

The Blacklion bombing most probably has to do with a general school strike planned for this week. I expect ENA and Walta to link the student walkouts to a panic caused by a grenade thrown in to a school compound in the middle of the night.

What’s EPRDF’s fixation with grenades anyway?


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I agree with you. This has EPRDF written all over it.

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