Wednesday, January 25, 2006

How to diffuse a Grenade

I have seen every Rambo and Delta Force movies enuf times to get an idea of how hand grenades work but I definitely don’t know how to diffuse them. apparently the federal police can.

Ethiopian police report grenades defused in capital

The two grenades that exploded Monday night were said to have been thrown by “some one” in the middle of the night. Now, these grenades are being found in every corner like easter eggs.

This reminds me of a similar story on the new from a few months back. A gift package was sent to a manager of Ethiopian Telecommunication sub city Branch. The Manager who suspects the greasy cellphone-box he orders his guard to take the package to police. at the police station they the unwrap the package and find a pin with a ring hanging from the box. The police immediately call the bomb squad, the whole area gets cleared. the person in charge of defusing “the bomb” slowly approaches the box and pulls the ring. BOOM, he dies on the spot. This story is morally wrong on so many levels.

Addis readers learn more about grenades on wikipedia, it might come in "handy".


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