Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Who said they never listen

The gradual progression of bomb incidents from night time to day time indicates that the EPRDF government is responding to critics.

When the first two bombs exploded in the middle of the night causing very little damage, no one paid attention ‘cause everyone knew who was behind it. next followed the story of diffusing grenades found in rubbish bins and street corners. we just assumed those grenade belonged to members of the (excessively) armed forces who couldn’t bear all the ammo weight in the scorching addis sun and decided to ditch some of the load.

Now the bombs have started exploding in day light. Still no one claims responsibility and public opinion remains the same. Perhaps more comical.

Reuter’s coverage

“The explosion was caused by a bomb planted in a flower pot outside”

Restaurant Manager

Suspect #1 GLF (Gardeners Liberation Front) the shear wielding, dirt loving, flower smelling menaces

"Luckily none of the restaurant staff were injured except four pedestrians,"

Restaurant Manager

Ya…those no good….non-spending…mooching pedestrians

Walta’s Coverage

“The Commission condemned the acts of what it termed anti-peace forces who have conspired to create the impression that peace does not prevail in the capital city”

Motive: peace must not prevail in the capital city

Analysis: who could possibly benefit from chaos?

Conclusion: it doesn’t need one

Word of advice to the FPATT (Federal Police Anti Terrorism Taskforce “we put the ERROR back into terrorism”) the only incident that is going to convince me that there is a “clandestine terrorist group” in our capital city is if a bomb explodes during an EPRDF central committee meeting leaving no survivors.

p.s. I appreciate every one who commented and emailed me on my failure as Prophet of Change. My whine barrel has plenty more disappointments.


Blogger Wegesha said...

I am very surprised with the speed the anti-terror task force of Ethiopia is foiling these futile attempts of the CUD to explode all the trash bins of Addis. The city is dirty enough as it is without Kinijt destroying the 37 trash bins of Addis. Do you know if EPRDF has secured the perimeters around the remaining 35 trash reseptacles of our beloved city?

10:40 AM  
Blogger DaEBushu said...

Despite the egregious governance Addis went through, history does not support the claim of terrorism. As you said only one thing can convince me of this new phenomena. So let us know when that happens so we pay due credit to Walta for its report.

8:41 PM  
Blogger Tobian said...

Habesha direom misgana ayawqm. This was an attempt to disrupt peace at all. I think somebody was tired of seeing all the trash lying around around Dirty Ababa, and this was their call for incineration. Perhaps it was a tad too enthusiastic ...

Gin ... speedy recovery to those hurt in the incidents.

1:53 PM  

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